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PAGE 3. (Thank you Doug for your knowledge, experience, stories, and friendship!) When needed we custom cast replicas for special projects. All fish were cast from real specimens. FishReplicas.com offers the highest quality in fish replicas today. Available in 10 species. This results in having a wide range of molds and blanks available. Angling Artisans Unlimited Rich Benedict 16759 Kenmore Road Kendall, NY 14476 (585) 659-8653 Featured is the Arp 3D line. AnglingArtisan Well-Known Member. Custom molding for museum exhibits, movies and nature center projects are our specialty. Prices include shipping in the contiguous United States. Notice that I am applying the Rich Brown from the side of this fin. 34407 Gaede Ln, Soldotna, AK 99669 - Google Map Her blanks are easy to finish off, and love the. Lake Country Freshwater Fish and Wildlife Replicas for the taxidermy industry. Sep 20, 2010 #1 . There are literately thousands of species of Saltwater & Freshwater fish, Marlin, Sailfish, Billfish, Shark, & Rays to choose from in all sizes. Complete your mount with Van Dyke's Fish Eyes. To place an order, call 405-570-1051. Each art piece is a one-of-a-kind original painting on a 3-dimensional form. Other reproductions on the market are INFERIOR. Come check out our work. Gyotaku means "print fish" in Japanese. If quality Alaskan fish replicas are what you are looking for, you've found the right place. … 99.9% of fish “artists” Buy a blank from a supply house and simply lay down a paint job that in most cases lack depth and detail. Follow Us. Apply block printing ink directly onto rubber fish replica with a foam brayer or brush. Fish replica mounts made of fiberglass and graphite are a great way to mount your trophy fish and decorate your home, office, restaurant or … We painstakingly create replicas of nature. they are flat on the back for easy hanging on a wall or panel. These reproduction fish feature no seams, no grinding, and complete inner mouth detail. ArchiePhillips08@yahoo.com. See the measurements for our large collection of Fish Blanks. F-R. We work with the best replica craftsman in the industry and have extensive knowledge of the available quality "blanks" already cast. Unique fins, gills and fish eye replicas. Pricing examples listed under each photo in our website’s photo gallery pages. Toggle menu. The replica "blank" is then made from some form of resin gel coat with fiber layers added for strength. Get my well-made replica fish blanks here at Bruch’s Fish for your wildlife projects in Pennsylvania or anywhere in the contiguous United States. Now Offering PayPal Credit on all purchases! We create the finest quality fiberglass reproductions for the Catch & Release angler.Our reproductions are not only award winning, but are also some of the highest scoring fish reproductions in state and national competitions. Our experienced artists will ensure that your mounted fish will look 100% authentic. A-D. Your Alaskan fish reproduction specialist. Most are good on both sides (except when noted as “Wall”). They are the exact replicas I used in my client work. 930 590. Your individual need is our connection with you to give you something personal and unique. A medium coat of Rich Brown is “angle-sprayed” on the front and back of all fins. Our fish mount replica blanks allow both the novice artist or the experienced taxidermist to save time and money and focus on the painting aspect of the fish mount process. Reproduction Fish Blanks Scale Texturing and Prep-Work by Dan Rinehart. For quotes on larger fish, up to paint and finished fish please call or email us with any questions. Also a variety of replica mounting media for mounted habitats and displays. BREAKTHROUGH Issue 63 Page 43 7. Half Cast Fish Blanks by Joe Morgan. It brings to life the leaping, twisting, and reel screaming action of the catch. Click image to see detail. to us at 1-334-281-7676. S-T. 1/4 MOUNTS. Fish Taxidermy and Fish Replicas . 84in Blue Marlin half mount fish replica… See us on HOW ITS MADE - FISH REPLICA CREATION. Bev is truly a magnificent artist. The Fish Mount Store - The highest quality fiberglass fish mounts - Handcrafted in the USA. Due to the popularity of the " Catch and Release" concept, fish replicas have been increasing in recognition over the years. I’ve been using Bev’s fish for over 10 years now. Most are cast from molds made using freshly caught specimens, some are cast from molds of previously mounted fish. All fish blanks come FULLY DETAILED. We are located on the Kenai Peninsula in Soldotna, Alaska. Print out the ORDER FORM and fill in your items numbers desired then go to the UPS chart and include the shipping charges, then email the order form to us and call with your credit card (You should not email your credit card information) or you can print and fax this form with your CC info. Saltwater Fishmounts Global Fish Mount's vast collection of Salt Water Fish Mounts represent fish from all the oceans of the world. Silhouetted images are only intended to show the shape/pose of the fish blank. A wide selection of quality reproduction fish are available from leading fish taxidermists. Carp is a common name for various species of freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae, a very large group of fish native to Europe and Asia. 1/4 MOUNTS. Due to shipping prices we are unable to sell some fish blanks from the website. PAGE 2. PICTURE PERFECT. I only do fish, one at a time, handcrafted in the USA by me. They are perfect for practicing your airbrushing techniques - just paint, strip and paint again! Fish Replica Mounts in Minnesota Fibertech Productions , located just north of Brainerd, MN, specializes in fiberglass carbon-graphite fish reproductions mounts. Fish replica fins are museum quality and transparent. Established in 1998 - fish artist Luke Filmer creates incredibly realistic (hand-painted) fiberglass fish replica mounts and fish art sculptures of Salmon, Steelhead and Trout. Lake Country Premier and Signature Freshwater Fish Replicas for the taxidermy industry. 74inTarpon half mount fish replica, taxidermy: item #74Tarpon This over-sized mount is a replica of a Tarpon weighing around 100 pounds and measures 74 inches from mouth to tail. Bluegill 6 CM CG LT S Y-Z. replica fish mounts for museums and trophy rooms New Wave Taxidermy and their team of artists will assist you in your design or help you create your trophy room. by three-time World Champion Dave Campbell Museum quality fish mounts involve many steps. Welcome to Big River Reproductions website. Contact. Redfish (Red Drum) fish taxidermy consisting of Redfish fiberglass fish replicas and reproductions. 4 and 9 different fish in sets. By combining 40 years of molding experience and today's technology, The Pierce Bros. and crew are able to create the most life-like fish replicas money can buy. This series is known as the most highly detailed, easiest to use reproduction fish form on the market. PAGE 4. When our production team is casting and assembling the fish mount blanks we are paying attention to all the details of our customer's catches so we can most accurately replicate that fish. 321-525-1167 ... A great little blue marlin half mount replica for the smaller space. Western NY. * Fish Blanks: Raw-Unfinished ($6.50 / inch), Ready-to-Paint Closed Gills ($11.00/inch), Ready-to-Paint Open Gills ($12.00/inch), or Finished ($20/inch) Credit Cards Accepted. Location. Salmon, King Fish Mount - Fish Replica We build, own, and stock over 2000 fish replica molds of all sizes and species that are custom created and painted for you in our facility one fish at a time to match the length, girth, and all of the specific characteristics and details of YOUR FISH. Fishermen with artistic ability can purchase high quality fish blanks from King Sailfish Mounts, the leader in fiberglass replica mounts for more than 20 years. These forms can be prepped and ready to paint in minutes. Many taxidermists mount fish along with deer heads, bobcats ,squirrels etc. To place an order over the phone, call TOLL FREE 1-800-848-5602: 2. The fish replicas are great for practice painting and an inexpensive display. We take the extra step to assure your fish is carefully crafted and painted. The excellent quality of our fish reproductions and replicas of the Redfish species accurately resembles the natural shape & coloration of each fish. *See below for commercial reproduction work. Fish Creations specializes in Catch and Release taxidermy. I offer a constantly growing selection of Alaskan freshwater and saltwater species. Place printmaking paper over fish, rub, then print. Learn More. Over the years I have purchased well over 100 replicas from Bev’s Fish Creations. Walleye is among the tastiest trophies that freshwater fishing has to offer. For both professional and hobbyist fish taxidermists/artists, Dave Campbell’s proprietary fish replica models feature lightweight durability in a symmetrical flowing design with thin fins and full depth mouths. No assembly is required. Experienced in using fish taxidermy acrylics, we blend special pearls, metallics, iridescents and translucents to bring your fish to life. ***FISH REPLICA BLANKS 4-SALE*** Discussion in 'For Sale' started by AnglingArtisan, Sep 20, 2010. “Painting a mount does take skill but why not make it a wintertime project?” said Raymond Douglas, founder and president of King Sailfish Mounts. Arp 3D Fish Reproductions are the most accurate, easiest to use fish reproductions on the market! Mike Kroessig – Marine Creations Taxidermy. PAGE 1. Catching a walleye is its own reward. You can catch your walley, have him for supper and get a beautiful mount, too. All fish replicas are cast from actual fish. We have the most sought-after species of the Atlantic, Caribbean, The Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean. Click the blue description to see a full size image of my blanks. Our fish blanks from our family-owned busines are recognized more often by larger taxidermy studios as a leader in the field of fish reproductions. They feature full scale and fin detail and come ready to paint. 1. View my listings here: These replica castings are made of gelcoat and urethane.

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